Everyone to GuGu Bazaar: Buy Clothes and Toys for 1 BAM and help People!

gugu bazaarToday, on the 28th of January, in the Center for Healthy Aging in Sarajevo, from 12: 00 pm to 2: 00 pm will be held the 72nd in a row or the sixth birthday humanitarian GuGu bazaar.

“We are especially happy that we can emphasize that we are celebrating six years of continuous operation, and special thanks for that goes to all citizens of Sarajevo, who are believing in us and helping us in many ways,” said the organizers of this bazaar.

At the bazaar will be sold donations (clothes, shoes, bags, toys, jewelry, books, dishes …), mainly for the price of 1 BAM.

“Distribution of the money earned on the bazaar, in the form of food packages, bills, heating and scholarships to families in need, and for the treatment of our fellow citizens, you can follow on our web page in the next month. Everyone is welcome, whether as donors or buyers,” said organizers.

Moreover, ‘standard’ GuGu offer will be exhibited handicrafts, and there will be offered savory and sweet delicacies as well.

“We have a special surprise on this bazaar, a surprise GuGu cake! Come to hang out together and help those who need help,” they said.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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