In which Countries it is not recommended to travel?

passportA few days ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH issued a notice for citizens who are planning to travel to Turkey.

To recall, caution is recommended when traveling, which means avoiding mass gatherings for whatever reason, consistent compliance with safety recommendations made by the Turkish authorities, as well as the recommendations made by the administration of tourist resort where the citizens are located, if they are staying as tourists in Republic of Turkey. Due to the new situation in the Republic of Turkey, as well as the armed conflict in Syria, it is recommended to the citizens of BiH to refrain from traveling and staying in areas that are within the limits of 10 kilometers with Syria.

Citizens are also advised to refrain from traveling and staying in all South East Provinces, i.e. provinces that are bordering with Iraq and Syria.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH has been informed by the Embassy of BiH in Ankara that cities and places where the largest number of our citizens are staying at were not affected by the riots, and that airports, ports and border crossings are opened and the traffic is running smoothly. The Embassy also informed that the services and departments of public and private sector are operating in undisturbed capacity.

In the light of recent developments in Turkey, it is important to mention to the citizens of BiH that it is still not recommended to travel to that country.

“Citizens of BiH are not recommended to travel to Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya and parts of Ukraine, due to the risk of conflict and war in these countries or parts of them. These warnings are posted on the website of MFA of BiH and can be changed and updated depending on the current developments in individual countries,” explained Satko Bitanga, an adviser in the Department of VPP in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH.

On the matter whether there has been issued a warning due to the danger of Zika virus, we got informed that:

“There hasn’t been issued a special alert because of the danger of Zika virus yet, but on the website of the MFA it is written what sanitary and hygienic conditions are needed for the trip, on which should be paid particular attention when traveling to these countries etc.

Therefore, it is always useful before traveling to some countries to read country’s basic information and warnings which are on the website of the MFA,” advised Bitanga.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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