Two Migrants found dead after Conflict in Town close to Croatian Border


The Una-Sana Canton police found two dead men in the area of the Cazin after receiving a report of a migrant conflict.

At 4:25 pm, a resident of one of the Cazin villages reported to the Ministry of Interior of Una Sana Canton that he had noticed a conflict between a large group of migrants in the Crnaja settlement.

After that, the police went to the scene where they found two migrants with stab wounds who did not show signs of life, confirmed for Klix.ba the spokesman of the cantonal ministry, Ale Siljdedić.

He explained that subsequent investigative actions will determine whether there is a connection between the conflict reported by the local and these two deaths.

Police also found a group of migrants whose identities are unknown, but they were detained for further processing.

An investigation is underway, and prosecutors, police and ambulance are on the scene.

This settlement of Crnaja is one of the settlements located along the state border with the Republic of Croatia, and is one of the places where migrants often gather and prepare for illegal crossing.




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