Two young Bosnians are Scholarship Users in the German Bundestag

Muamera Tihic from Sarajevo and Asim Sahinovic from Bosanska Krupa, stayed in Berlin as interns in German Bundestag in the period from March 1 to June 31, 2018, and they were BH representatives within the prestigious program “International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS)”.

The IPS Program of the German Bundestag exists since the year of 1986 and it gathers 120 highly educated young people from 40 different countries. It is considered as a unique program within which interns have the opportunity to get introduced with the work of parliament and the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany. The central part of the program is work in the offices of German parliamentarians.

Asim, who recently obtained his master’s degree from the Faculty of Law in Munich, noted some of his experiences:

“My ticket for the aforementioned program was my previous scholarship from the German Federal Government, a master’s degree at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, and all the experience I gained during the membership in the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), which represented a great foundation of knowledge and experience. I had the opportunity to work in the office of Kirsten Luhmann (SPD) during the IPS Program, and I met numerous major politicians, such as Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Massa, or German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  You can notice great sacrifice in direct contact with German politicians when it comes to their work, as well as simplicity in their relationship with close associates and citizens,” stated Sahinovic.

He also noted the interest of German politicians in the situation in BiH, as well as the message that we have to direct our country towards the EU.

“We can feel the sympathies of Germany for our country and region in all conversations related to BiH, and it was realized through the Berlin Initiative. However, we must be aware of the fact that BiH has to make much more effort on its European path, and it will have a friend and a partner in Berlin.”

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