Underground Garage near the City Hall will have 155 Parking Lots

Underground Garage novovrijeme.baThe first public underground garage in the Old Town will be constructed in the street of Avdage Šahinagića, across the City Hall.

Parcel on which the garage is to be constructed covers an area of around 3,500 square meters and, since the underground garage will have two levels, total usable area will amount to around 5,000 square meters (4,958 square meters). Usable area of the underground garage at -1 level will be 2,467.30 square meters, and at -2 level 2.490,80 square meters.

Public toilet will be built on the first level. According to detailed design, the underground garage will have two levels with 155 parking lots and dimensions of the facility will be 54.30×48.60 meters.

The ground section is envisaged as a multi-purpose square where public events would be held. Park with green areas and a playground will be constructed on the square. The square will be tiled and a stage for the organization of cultural and entertainment events during the entire year will be set on the square as well.

Fountains will also be placed at the square, which is to be the largest square in the Sarajevo Canton. The detailed design of the underground garage in the street of Avdage Šahinagića was made by the company “Coning” Ltd. Sarajevo.

The project is worth around six million BAM.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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