Undiplomatic Art by MESSchool

The final presentation of the first MESSchool  that marked its official closing session was held at the Cultural Center in Sarajevo. The first MESSchool was organized by the International Theater and Film Festival MESS in the collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway. Together the organized a  project called Undiplomatic Art.

The presentations were held by High school students from Mostar, East Sarajevo and Sarajevo. These students prepared their presentations together with their mentor and pedagogue Jasna Diklić.

“Workshops with young and creative people are always inspiring and therefore very important for the setting grounds for relationships. By discovering their creativity, young people establish self respect and satisfaction”- said Jasna Diklić after the presentations. Students also learned and collaborated with the director Tanja Miletić-Oručević, choreographer Aleksandar Josipović and actress Sanja Burić.

Within the program of MESSchool multiple workshops were held from the field of theater art for High school students, with the aim of their introduction to theater and its strength to communicate indirectly with the audience about important social problems. Undiplomatic Art is a new program of the MESS  Festival which was created with the aim of crossing all boundaries, limitations and barriers.

The program will continue with its work in March 2013 with another project called ” Banja-Luka- Sarajevo”.

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