Unemployed mothers to receive an additional 50 BAM

babyboomIn order to at least partially equalize maternity benefits for unemployed mothers who receive much less compensation in respect of employed ones, 330 000 BAM were planned for this year.

Given that employed mothers receive a monthly fee in the average amount of about 406 BAM and unemployed ones around 180 AM, the municipality will for each unemployed mother allocate around 50 KM. This monthly fee will be distributed to the 600 mothers from the area of Novi Grad.

In this way, it is tried to fix the social anomaly where for the same purposes, different amount of money is given for the employed mothers and a different amount for the unemployed.

In addition to financial support to unemployed mothers, the money for the families who have three, four and more children is also allocated.

(Source: klix)

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