US Supports Rule of Law in BiH

pravdaDuring an official visit to the US, Chief Prosecutor of BIH Goran met with high official of judicial institutions in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The Chief Prosecutor held separate meetings with the Chief State Prosecutor of Chicago Anita Alvarez and the Federal Prosecutor Laurie Barsell, the Head of the Department for Combating Public Corruption of the Prosecutorial Office of Chicago.

During the meetings they exchanged experiences in the fight against corruption and organized crime and highlighted the need to strengthen cooperation and education int the fight against corruption and organized crime between the BiH Prosecutor’s Office and the State Prosecutor’s Office of the state of Illinois, USA.

During the meeting between the BiH Chief Prosecutor with high judicial officials, they demonstrated support in strengthening institutions for the establishment of the rule of law in BiH and the support of the prosecution of war crimes and the fight against organized crime, corruption and terrorism, announced the Prosecutor Office.

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