Velez Mountain: Two Hours Drive to enjoy Hundreds of Miles of Spaciousness (Video)

Velez is the mythical word of Mostar and the entire Herzegovina, but only a small number of citizens of Mostar and Herzegovina actually went to its peak. Images that you can see from the top of this mountain, as well as the entire view from the top, cannot be easily described.

From the top Brasina and its 1,910 meters above the sea level, you can see Peljesac and the Adriatic Sea, as well as hundreds of kilometers around.

However, Brasina is not even the highest peak of this mountain but Botin, which is located southern, and it is not much higher but it is not so accessible due to a long hiking trail that is not really for recreationists, or those who would like to get to the peak of the mountain with the car.

The view is quite unrealistic, the sunset and the mountain peaks you have never seen from this perspective will leave you completely breathless and under the impression that you are looking at the greatest attraction.

There used to be life and organization once. The army had a military radar complex with a permanently located military unit, while RTV Sarajevo had a major repetitor with accompanying staff. The military object had four or five underground floors, hundreds of meters of tunnels, a heliodrome, and it also used to be fenced with a wire and guarded by a security guard and dogs.

AFter you climb to the top, you can count the mountain peaks, take a look at Biokovo, the nearby Prenj Mountain, and you can also see the sea if there is a proper sunshine. However, you have to be careful not to forget to go back in time because the mountain itself knows to be quite complicated.

Djani Rahimic, a professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and a great enthusiast when it comes to adrenaline sports, especially cycling, is organizing this kind of trips on Velez Mountain. Djani believes that these photo safaris could be interesting to both domestic and foreign tourists, and all the people who wish to spend some time on the unusual trails.

Take a look at the video.

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