Borovac-Palmer: The USA will not change Politics towards BiH

Minister of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, Semiha Borovac, met with Matthew Palmer, the director for South Central European Affairs at U.S. Department of State, at the end of her official visit to the United States of America. The Ambassador of BiH to the United States, Haris Hrle, attended the meeting as well.

Palmer confirmed that politics of the USA towards BiH and our region is consistent and there was no change with the arrival of the new administration, as announced by the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees. As he stated, the USA is standing firmly behind the Dayton Peace Agreement, the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH.

Minister Borovac retreated that the USA is one of the crucial foreign policy partners and a great friend of BiH, which supports the integrations of BiH to the EU and NATO, which represents a key to stability and security not only of our country but the whole region.

On the occasion of marking the 22nd anniversary of Srebrenica genocide, Palmer expressed his deep condolences to the families of victims of Srebrenica and reminded on the opinion of the State Department that was presented on 11th of July that brighter future is possible only when citizens and leaders in BiH find strength and courage to accept the past and start working together for all citizens.

Palmer was also interested in the degree of respect for human rights in our country as well as cooperation on the regional level that would lead to further democratization and movement of all regional countries towards full membership in the EU. Moreover, he has shown the interest in reasons and consequences of not signing the agreement regarding the transport community on the Western Balkans Summit that took place in Trieste.

(Source: klix.ba)

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