Very Cold Season Will Affect B&H: Siberian Minuses to Come Soon

sibirski_minusiAccording to the world’s meteorologists, this winter will be long and cold, maybe the coldest in the last 100 years. Also, the German meteorologists claim that Europe is threatened by Siberian winter, who say that the coldest winter of the century will be caused due the lower solar activity in the Arctic and will reach the Europe as well.

B&H meteorologists have not yet made a long term forecast for the coming winter, but they have foreseen that cold cyclone in January and February will cause temperatures to fall until -25 degrees.

The climatologist of the Federal Hydro-meteorological Institute Dženan Zulum said that winter of this year will be colder than the winter of the last year.

“Cold air flashes in B&H will cause daily temperatures to fall under -10 and -15 degrees. There were few nights in months during the last few years when the temperatures were -25 degrees. The African cold air brought stable weather. It is not excluded that even this winter will have so low temperatures”, said Zulum.

Cold weather will be in the upcoming days.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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