Vice-President of Venice Commission: Venice Commission is Satisfied With Start of Constitutional Reform in FB&H

Tuori_tekstiThe Venice Commission has long been involved in the process of constitutional reform in B&H and we pointed out in 2005 on the need for comprehensive constitutional reform at the level of state and entities, said today the Vice-President of the Venice Commission Kaarlo Tuori, who is in Sarajevo.

After the meeting of the delegation of the Venice Commission, led by Vice-President Tuori with representatives of both houses of the FB&H Parliament, Tuori recalled at the joint press conference that the Commission pointed to specific issues at the FB&H level that should be solved through reform.

‘’We are very pleased to learn that the process of constitutional reform at the level of the FB&H already started. We believe that this process is important to strengthen the legitimacy of the FB&H Constitution. We also believe that constitutional reform at the level of FB&H will have a positive impact at the state level, and would encourage reform at the state level’’, said Vice-President Tuori.

At today’s meeting he said that willingness has been expressed by entity parliament to participate and support in the process of constitutional reforms, and to give an opinion on draft reform when it is completed.

Chairman of the FB&H House of Representatives Fehim Škaljić highlighted the need for reform of the FB&H Constitution with the goal to achieve a certain quality of equality of the constituent peoples and others, and to build a modern and rationally organized system.

(Source: klix.ba)

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