Vienna-Banja Luka Promotional Flight has been cancelled


The Vienna-Banja Luka promotional flight, scheduled at the end of March, as well as all flights on that route for April, have been canceled until May 1st due to the current coronavirus situation, Fena news agency reports.

The public company Airports of Republika Srpska announced that, if conditions permit, the first flight is scheduled for May 1st.

They explain that flights to Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels, Memingen and Stockholm are Ryanair airlines, as well as flights to Belgrade, Air Serbia flights operate regularly from the Banja Luka airport.

The statement added that they were acting at the airport in accordance with the instructions of the competent institutions of the RS Ministry of Health and the Institute of Public Health. Supervision of incoming passengers is carried out by the medical staff of Republika Srpska Airport and the team of the Institute of Public Health.

Body temperature is measured to all incoming passengers with contactless thermometers, and given instructions regarding the prevention and protection against the onset of the current coronavirus.


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