Virtual map of Sarajevo presented

A virtual map of the streets of Sarajevo ”Sarajevo360” is now available to all.

Elvir Salčinović and Zafir Fazlić created this virtual tour with the help of 10 000 photos. The virtual tour has 3 000 virtual spots, primarily objects of historical and tourist interest.

The ultimate goal of the project is to set up Sarajevo on the world map of users of modern technology and innovations in the promotion of the city and also to raise awareness among local people about the importance of adopting and developing new technologies and to improve the image of Sarajevo as a tourist destination and investment zone, and also to facilitate orientation of foreign and domestic tourists.

The first stage of the project involved the creation of a map with a virtual representation of the area of the Old City, the Municipality Centar and a part of the municipality of New Sarajevo is also completed.

The first phase was supported by the Foundation ”Mozaik” with partners from EU and from the City of Sarajevo

The second phase of the project, that will show the remaining parts of the city, will be realized in the period to come.


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