Vispak installs new Roasting Equipment to double the Production of Zlatna Dzezva

Vispak Equipment

On the occasion of their 43rd anniversary, the BH food industry Vispak JSC Visoko and its most famous brand Zlatna dzezva announced new investments for the expansion of  production capacities in Visoko in early April.

The total value of the investment is five million BAM, and it is currently near completion. Consequently Vispak will double its current capacities for the production and packaging of Zlatna dzezva.

The new equipment with the roaster was successfully installed yesterday morning at the company Vispak in Visoko.

Vispak currently employs 180 workers, 40 of whom have a university degree, and it exports to 25 countries  on four continents.

In the year when the AS GROUP became the majority owner of Vispak, on December 8th 2010, this company had an annual income amounting to 18 million BAM. In 2014, Vispak concluded operations with a total turnover amounting to almost 36 million BAM. The revenues and the production have been doubled, and Zlatna dzezva became the number one coffee in B&H according to revenues and the loyalty of consumers.

In a short period of time, the leading people of the AS GROUP managed to return the brands of Vispak to store shelves, and the return of investment has followed after only three years.

Vispak JSC Visoko was founded on April 7th 1972 as a part of Velepromet, one of the then biggest commercial chains in the former Yugoslavia.

(Source: photo visoko)

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