Vogue: BiH among 9 Destinations that Every Woman should visit This Year

vogue-travelsOne of the most popular American lifestyle magazines Vogue has included BiH among 9 most attractive tourist destination that every woman should visit this year.

BiH found itself on the list with Peru, Australia, Finland, Canada, Nepal, Jordan, Kenya, and other countries in the Balkans.

From Vogue noted that there was never a better time for adventurous women to put on comfortable shoes and visit some of the most beautiful and undiscovered destinations in the world.

As for BiH, for women is recommended route Via Dinarica that connects seven countries through which is extended the Dinaric Alps mountain range. It is a trail that begins and ends in Slovenia and Macedonia and passes through BiH, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.

“You can experience the rich cultural heritage of the region during a hike in the local villages. The path passes through unexplored areas”, as noted from Vogue.

For lovers of the bike is recommended a route that runs from Athens and leads to Amsterdam with stops in Albania, Montenegro, BiH, Croatia and Slovenia.


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