How Women near City of Vitez defeated the System and Government?

Near the Bridge of Women of Kruscica near city of Vitez there are no tents or women today. The bridge has been removed, and women are after a year and a half back in their homes.

They defeated the system and government and preserved the Kruscica River from construction the new mini hydro power plants.

The story of the brave women of Kruscica is known worldwide, and several women opposed those who, as court verified, are attempting to illegally build mini hydropower plants on the Kruscica River and thereby destroy the tourist pearl of this small place at Vitez.

They suffered psychological and physical violence from the police who, with the use of force, one day took them from the bridge in order to pass the machines of an investor who planned to make mini hydroelectric power plants. Days later, they did not give up, and went out again to the bridge, and managed to get to justice, slowly but successfully.

All decisions for the construction of the Kruscica hydropower plant have been canceled. With a lot of emotions in one of women, Mika Tibold, said they only wanted to abolish the concessions that were extended for years by contract annexes.

 “We’ve been struggling against the state, the ministry, and it is a great feeling when all this is finished in a positive way. We still want to cancel concessions that have been extended by contract annexes that our lawyer or judge did not know, “says Tibold.

She recalled the evening when they received a message with court judgments in which all valid decisions that the investor used to attempt to build a mini hydro power plant were canceled. Emotions that night in the tent, could not be described. It was difficult to stay in the tent for 18 months, every day for 24 hours.

(Source: klix)


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