Air Quality in Sarajevo better during the Weekend!

The air in Sarajevo is still polluted and dangerous for vulnerable groups of citizens, but in comparison to several previous days, pollutants at the measuring stations this morning are showing lesser pollution.

Compared to last night, when the concentration of harmful PM10 particles in Otoka settlement was 590, in the morning, it was 132 AQI.

Measuring stations at the US Embassy at Marijin Dvor settlement measured 134 AQI this morning at 7:00 am. However, the air is still dangerous for sensitive categories, but is much better when compared to yesterday.

In the area of Stari Grad municipality, the quality of air is somewhat better and the AQI measured is 53. According to the stations of the Federal Hydrometerological Institute, the level of polluting PM10 particles is much smaller than yesterday and measuring station in Ilidza settlement shows the highest pollution.

The rain would further improve the situation, and it is recommended to citizens to use the weekend to visit one of the mountains.

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