Vucic: As long as I am the President of Serbia, there will be no Resolution on Srebrenica

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, stated that he would not allow the adoption of the Resolution on the Srebrenica genocide in the Montenegrin Parliament to "put a collective mark on every member of the Serbian people", because the resolution is general and "does not mention individuals who committed horrible acts".
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Answering the questions of the journalists at the ceremony on the occasion of the Police Day, Vučić said that he would "not agree with the adoption of the resolution on Srebrenica in the Assembly of Serbia, about which two proposals were submitted, while he is the President of Serbia."

According to him, those in Serbia who are in favor of passing a resolution on Srebrenica want to "flatter some ambassadors, counting that (they) will bring them to power in one way or another," Beta reported.
He said that it was "completely clear" that the Resolution on Srebrenica adopted by the Montenegrin parliament was "against the vital interests of the Serbian people."

There are two resolutions on Srebrenica in the Serbian Parliament: One condemns genocide, the other relativizes crimes

"We reacted calmly, I did not say a word or I am not interested, their house is far away, let them do their job however they want," said Vucic, adding that "Montenegro is thus interfering in something that does not concern that country, because Srebrenica is not in Montenegro. "

According to him, Serbia will return to the "path of the economy" in its relations with Montenegro as soon as possible

"We are ready to help, just don't talk much about friendship and brotherhood," Vucic said, Klix.ba writes.

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