The “War Childhood Museum” celebrated its first Birthday

The youngest Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the War Childhood Museum (WCM), celebrated its first birthday in the crowded Sarajevo cinema- Meeting Point. After a brief presentation of the first year of the Museum’s work, the concert of Damir Imamovic and Ivana Djuric was held.

The Executive Director of WCM, Amina Krvavac, presented the activities and achievements of the Museum during the first 12 months since the opening of a permanent museum setting. Special attention was devoted to the research activities of WCM outside BiH, ie the production of a new exhibition devoted to the childhood experience of refugee children from Syria.

“During the visit to the Lebanese refugee camps, while we were talking with families, we learned that for them, it is extremely important that a museum from a distant country such as BiH wants to tell their stories. It was extremely important for us, and gave us a new dimension to understanding the importance of our work, “ Krvavac said, pointing out that the WCM is also preparing its first exhibitions outside of BiH.

The founder of WCM, Jasminko Halilovic, said he was pleased that this event was a semi-closed type, and was intended for participants of the museum collection creation, museum friends and lifetime ticket owners. He also talked about the author of the WCM sign, Anur Hadziomerspahic.

“Anur was my friend and friend of the WCM. The sign of the Museum which he created, we usually describe as the best sign in the world. Anur’s leaving is a huge loss for our city and our country, “ Halilovic said.

The celebration of the first birthday of WCM was completed with the concert of Damir Imamovic and Ivana Djuric. The repertoire, especially for this occasion, was consisted, among other songs, of the song “Sarajevska noc” by the group “Teska industrija”.

“We are very pleased to be here for the anniversary of the establishment of the Museum. WCM is important to us because it is so pure. I wish you many more successful years, “ said Damir Imamovic, among other things.



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