Water Loses decreased by Three Percent in BiH


In 2018, there were 319,851,000 m3 of the total volume of abstracted water, which was 3.5% lower then a year ago. From abstracted water quantity, 45.7% of water was abstracted from the ground sources, 36.8% from springs, 15.5% from the watercourses, 0.8% from reservoirs and 1.1% from lakes.

The total quantity of water taken over from other water systems decreased for 12,0% compared to a year ago.

In 2018, the total volume of water distributed from the public water supply amounted to 2,3% less than a year ago. In the structure of water consumption, the greatest consumer were households, consuming 72,2% of the total volume of distributed water.

According to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Agency for Statistics, water losses in 2018 decreased by 1,7% compared to a year ago. Development and optimization od water mains led to its decrease of 0,7% and extension of the distribution network by 3.3%. The number of water pipe connections decreased for 1,1%.

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