Water Supply “Plava Voda” would solve the problem in Busovača for 100 years?

plava voda2Regional Water Supply “Plava Voda,” which is expected to supply 5 municipalities in central B&H, will enable quality water supply for the municipality of Busovača for at least 100 years, said the Mayor of this municipality, Asim Mekić.

Besides Busovača, this water system should also supply Zenica and municipalities of Travnik, Vitez and Novi Travnik.

“Municipality Busovača has a problem with drinkable water since we need a lot to bring it in drinkable condition. We are currently drinking the water from the stream and we have a small factory for the purification of this water,” said Mekić, emphasizing that the municipality Busovača is getting 5.7 liters of water per second from the current water source, while the water supply “Plava voda” will provide 40 liters per second.

“We will have a quality water that will not have to be purified nor chemically, biologically or mechanically treated, and the peripheral villages that were in need will also get the water,” emphasized Mekić.

This project, worth 22 million EUR, will be financed by loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB).

“All residents of the Municipality of Busovača who are currently paying water bills to our utility company, in the future will be paying to the water supply “Plava voda” and from these funds we will be repaying our part of the loan. If we get in the position that it is not enough to repay the loan, the Municipality will help out, but I am sure that there will be no problems,” said Mekić.

The Public Enterprise Regional Water Supply “Plava Voda” Ltd. Travnik hopes that the construction of water supply system will start in the spring of next year, after complete financial construction is closed, all the necessary documents are collected and a tender for a contractor is completed.


(Source: akta.ba)

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