What is the Number of Citizens who waived the Citizenship of B&H since 1992?

Renunciation on BH Citizenship radiosarajevo.baMore than 68.199 citizens renounced the citizenship of B&H since 1992 until today and accepted the citizenship of the country in which they live, which is not the final number given that this trend is continuing.

Thereby, according to the data of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 2.539 persons waived the BH citizenship only in this year.

“The largest number of BH citizens gave up the citizenship in favor of Austria and Germany, countries which initially declared that they will not sign the contract on dual citizenship with our country”, said the Assistant to the Minister for Citizenship and Travel Documents within the Ministry of Civil Affairs of B&H Milan Zjajic.

Following Germany and Austria, the renunciation is most often done in favor of the citizenship of Slovenia, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Montenegro.

“Meanwhile, Denmark introduced a new law according to which it does not request waiving”, Zjajic explained.

One of the main reasons why so many citizens of B&H renounced the BH citizenship so far are the disputable decrees from the articles 17 and 39 of the Law on Citizenship, according to which the citizen of B&H who accepts the citizenship of the country with which B&H does not have bilateral agreement automatically looses the BH citizenship. The disputable decrees have not been applied since January 1st 2014.

Although B&H has got signed agreements on dual citizenship with Croatia, Serbia, and Sweden for a while now, it is evident that a large number of BH citizens waived the BH citizenship in order to accept the citizenship of Croatia, but also Serbia.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo radiosarajevo)

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