What is the Situation in the Education System in BiH?

It is International Education Day. It is dedicated to strengthening the role of education in establishing global peace, development,and progress. It is an opportunity to look at the general state of the education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The covid-19 pandemic also left its mark on the education system in BiH. Most of the teaching staff was unprepared for the online classes. They were not ready for new technologies. But, it is not just about IT skills, said university professor Tanovic, teachers are not ready enough for the profession they are working on.

“We talk all the time about how to improve or modernize our education. Usually, we do this by talking about how to change plans and programs. However, that is not enough. In addition, the teacher must acquire some other knowledge that we call teacher knowledge and competencies. Our program suffers from the lack of it, told Lamija Tanovic, a university professor.

However, it is not all about the competence of the teaching staff in BiH That education is not given importance show recent scandals in which politicians are also involved, concerning the purchase of diplomas. A few BiH citizens decide on this move for the sake of buying a job.

“A significantly large number of BiH citizens buy university degrees from private universities and then take functions in very important positions, in ministries in governments, etc. It is  greater damage and a greater sin that is harmful in the long run, said prof. dr. Asim Peco.

“The key to the development of higher education in the future should definitely not be only young people aged 18 to 25, but the so-called non-traditional students, people who are currently employed who want to develop, parents with children, all those groups above 30, 35 who believe that the university is not a place that is acceptable to them, noted Dzenana Husremovic, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Student Affairs.

The development of study programs at the University of Sarajevo is harmonized with the countries of the region and the European Union (EU), which gives the wind in the back of educated BiH citizens. Because, they realized that in this country, it is far more profitable to have a party booklet instead of a diploma – with an emphasis on the unpurchased.

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