What is the Total Amount of Revenues from Jahorina Ski Resort?

The economic indicators of the Olympic Center “Jahorina” exceeded all expectations in the past 365 days and revenues from the ski resort amounted to around 5.500.000 BAM, which represents an increase by 91 % in comparison to last season when they amounted to 2.875.378 BAM.

When it comes to revenues from ski resort, ski schools achieved 80,000 BAM, while this type of revenue did not exist last year, and they earned 174,000 BAM from the parking fees, which is by 400 % more than last year’s amount.

According to data from the Olympic Center “Jahorina”, the trend of growth is also present in the number of rides, and this year it amounted to 1.510.000, which is an increase by 52 % in comparison to last year.

Moreover, interest for Jahorina has been increased in a large number of domestic and foreign investors, and four large construction sites are active at the moment.

There is an artificial lake of 75,000 cubic meters at the top of the mountain, which will be used during summer and winter, and which will provide artificial snowing for ski trails.


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