What was asphalted in Sarajevo: Year marked with the Restoration of Roads

works2During 2015, the Directorate of Roads of Canton Sarajevo implemented several projects which mainly included the reconstruction of existing roads.

Directorate of Roads of Canton Sarajevo emphasized 10 completed projects in several municipalities of Canton Sarajevo, which are including road reconstructions, paving of sidewalks and construction of bicycle paths.

Directorate for Roads of Sarajevo Canton conducted the reconstruction of the Halilovici Street from crossing with the Dzemala Bijedica Street to the entrance to the Customs and from the Customs to the Center for recreation. Funders of the project were the Directorate and the Municipality of Novi Grad, and works cost 250,000 BAM.

The Directorate participated in the reconstruction of the regional road R-445 Semizovac-Ilijas-Visoko, the section between two railway crossings. The project ended in the first week of June, and it included length of 22 meters. The value of the works amounted to 240.000 BAM.

Repair of Cumurija Bridge included works on the wall with the installation of concrete, replacement of dilatation lanes, replacement of the existing pavement structure, replacement of wooden floor mats as well as the new corrosion protection.

The first bicycle path in Sarajevo, in accordance with European standards, was included in the section from the VI to XII transversal in the area of the Municipality of Novi Grad, and the funds are provided by Directorate and City Administration of Sarajevo.

Reconstruction of VI transversal and construction of A transversal are still in the process of active implementation, while the construction of the South longitudinal from Dervisa Numica Street to  Azize Sacirbegovic Street  are planned in the first quarter of 2016.

(Source: I. P./Klix.ba)

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