What was the Average Salary in B&H in January 2016?

12527799_1740563706180306_1438103795_n (2)The average net salary in B&H for the month of January 2016 amounted to 829 BAM, and it is lower by 1.6 % in comparison to December 2015, while it is higher by 0.2 % compared to the same month last year.

According to data from the Agency for Statistics, the lowest average net salary in the amount of 525 BAM was in the administrative and support service activities, in the business of providing accommodation and preparing and serving food average salary amounted to 527 BAM, and in the construction industry it amounted to 530 BAM.

The average net salary in January in financial and insurance activities amounted to 1,390 BAM, in the production and supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning it amounted to 1,325 BAM, and 1,188 BAM in the sector of information and communications.

In January, the average gross salary in BiH amounted to 1, 286 BAM and it was nominally lower by 1.8 % compared to December last year, and it was nominally higher by 0.1 % compared to January 2015.


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