Exhibition “The Act of the Soul” opened in the Gallery Novi Hram

160315148.7_xxlThe exhibition of photographs by Almin Zrno titled “The Act of the Soul” was opened last night in the gallery Novi hram, within the international festival Sarajevo Winter.

The exhibition features black and white acts, which normally belong to the core of his artistic interests. The works were created in different periods of time and all of them are on the subject of the act through which author’s reflections on the soul, freedom, and the search for oneself within oneself can be read.

Zrno’s engaging in the act, as it was pointed out at the opening of the exhibition, represents eternal thinking, constant progress, and wealth of approaches to this subject.

“The Act of the Soul”, exhibition of black and white photographs made through the lens of the photographer Zrno, will be opened until March 20.


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