Which Sectors were mostly funded by BiH Public Institutions?

In Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016, government budget appropriations institutions that finance the R&D activity amounted to 13.952.461 convertible mark (BAM).

According to BiH Agency for Statistics, budget funds institutions according to the sector, are intended the most for sector higher education 77.8%, followed by the government sector with 19.1% governemnent budget funds. Other budgetary funds are intended business sector with 1.7% and non-profit sector with 1.3 %.

The most of budget funds institutions according to socio-economic objectives are spent in Education (63.2%).

Planned budget funds for research and development in 2018 amount to 15.642.795 convertible mark. According to socio-economic objectives, most funds are planned in Education (50.6%).

More detailed report can be found here.

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