While the Problems of Citizens of BiH are accumulating, the Presidency Members talk about War

The budget of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is still on hold. The session of the BiH Presidency on that topic was not held yesterday, although Chairman Dodik announced it. At the moment when citizens need to get answers to the question, when will the vaccines arrive, why those that arrived fail, why do they have bad treatment, why do a large number of people die, why do affairs not get an epilogue. The focus of the public is on well-known and established stories about patriotism, separation, war. The latest topics about it came from the Presidency.

One of the few consensuses among politicians in BiH is the one about the non-usurpation of space. These are common headlines and information when citizens expect the authorities to resolve an important issue.

According to announcements and media reports, the Presidency of BiH agreed mainly on the budget, indebtedness, reaching international agreements, and the order to the police to use all means in order to reduce the number of migrants in our country, journalist Rubina Cengic mentioned.

“They use every opportunity for one of them to go on an international visit, and then these two talk ugly things about him or comment on those meetings in a very negative way. One of the last things they paid attention to was to increase the number of diplomatic and consular missions of BiH, which are turning into a ”shelter” and serve as a place where suitable staff is being employed, ” stated Cengic.

The Presidency went to Brussels and Ankara together. They welcomed the Slovenian president together, but only a month after that they announced the information from the same meeting, and it immediately caused the previously known reaction about the future of BiH.

Only a few come to visit BiH since they do not have an interlocutor here, and even when they do, it often turns into a scandal, as analyst Ranko Mavrak says. Each new election cycle results in worsening the government.

“The first thing to mention is that the real centers of power, in which it is decided what the policy of BiH will look like, have been relocated outside the authorities of the state of BiH. Secondly, there is still no elementary consensus on how the state should function and what its goals are. Therefore, the Presidency is a reflection of the inability of the ”state” to be able to agree with itself, ” Mavrak told.

One of the latest topics from the Presidency of BiH on the future of this country confirms the non-state behavior of its members, as former Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, Zlatko Lagumdzija, says.

“You no longer know what anyone in the Presidency is doing and it does not function as a team, as a normal state body that respects itself. Not to say that if they do not want to respect the state, then they must have some kind of self-respect for their behavior as well. In the last two weeks, the third non-state move from the Presidency is populist, and has one goal – to keep this nomenclature in power and prepare for the next elections, ” Lagumdzija stressed, BHRT writes.

While politicians prepare for elections and focus on topics that provoke harsh public reactions, citizens are still waiting for answers to questions: when will vaccines arrive, why do vaccines fail, why do they have poor treatment, why are we among the countries with the largest number of people who die from Covid in whole Europe?

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