Will General and Local Elections in BiH merge in 2018?

izbori-640x426The issue of merger of local and parliamentary elections in BiH is topical again. Politicians believe that it is unrealistic to talk about the merger of elections before 2020 and that this initiative should be separated from the amendments to the Election Law on BiH, which regulates the election of the members of BiH Presidency.

Delegate of SNSD in the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH Lazar Prodanović said that politicians who are now suggesting the merger of elections in BiH did not support that proposal before the local elections in the country.

Prodanović claims that there is sense in the discussion about the merger of local and general elections in BiH because the point of frequent election cycles was the strengthening of democratic processes, but the results were usually the opposite.

“BiH has been in a standstill when it comes to democratic processes for years now, including the European integration processes. I believe that significant negative contribution to that is given by frequent election cycles which basically detract the politicians from the reform moves so that they would not lose the elections,” said Prodanović.

According to Prodanović, if consent were to be reached on the merger of elections at this moment, it would be legally impossible to shorten this mandate to two years because that would be retroactive application of laws.

“Speaking of local elections in BiH, in order to change the Election Law of BiH it is necessary to change the Constitution of FBiH and Law on Local Government in Republika Srpska. If politicians opt for such approach, it is not likely that local and general elections could be held before 2020,” said Prodanović.

Prodanović said that the merger of local and general elections in 2020 would only be possible if the Constitution of BiH was changed and if the way of election of delegates in the House of Representatives and members of the Presidency of BiH changed.

“So the mandate from 2018 would last for two years only. Changes would also have to be made to the Constitution of the RS, cutting down the mandate of delegates in the National Assembly of RS, and the Constitution of FBiH, regarding the Parliament of FBiH,” said Prodanović.

Prodanović claims that optimal time for the merging of local and general elections in BiH is 2020 or 2022.

(Source: klix.ba)

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