Wind Farm in Visoko is One of First to Produce Electricity in B&H

elektrana_22In several locations in B&H, the construction of wind farms began, and some have already been completed and put into function. One of these wind farms is found near Visoko.

B&H is one of the countries in Southeast Europe that continues to implement the European Energy Directive, which envisions a reduction of harmful emissions by 20 percent by 2020, and a 20 percent share of renewable sources in electricity production.

Among other things, it is possible to realize this with the construction of wind farms, and one of the companies that works in this type of industry is Suša Commerce from Visoko.

‘’In the area of Visoko one wind farm has been built. We currently do not have a plan to continue the construction of new wind farms, even if the currently set up facilities are ready so that several other wind farms could be joined’’, said to the director of this company Osman Suša.

He points out that the wind farm in Visoko is an independent unit that does not require the constant presence of staff.

‘’The planned production of electricity at an annual level is 1.080 MWh.  All produced electricity is distributed in a network, sold to Elektroprivreda B&H’’, said Suša.


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