Windfarm Trusina: Investment of 150 Million KM

3The project “Windfarm Trusina”, with its functional and technical solutions is fully safe in terms of environmental impact, said the Director of the Institute for Protection, Environment and Information in Banja Luka Predrag Ilić during a public hearing in municipality Nevesinje on the study of the impact of future wind farms on the environment.

“The investor is obliged to comply with all measures of preventing, reducing and mitigating any adverse impacts on the environment’’, said Ilić and recalled that the opinions and comments on the study can be submitted by next month.

Denis Međed from the Institute for Protection, Environment and Information said that the main reason for the choice of the location for research is because the results were obtained for the continual measurement of speed, strength and direction of wind that the investor EOL PRVI d.o.o., in cooperation with the Austrian Institute Energie Werkstatt and Belgrade Institute for Multidisciplinary Studies and Research carried out since December 2006 in Trusina.

He said that on the basis of gathered data and experiences of experts they predicted that this location a wind farm can be built with a capacity of 51 MW with 17 wind turbines.

The Director of EOL PRVI Zlatko Mandžuka said that research in Trusina showed immense potential for wind power generation, and that the gathering of necessary documents is almost finished. He announced the beginning of construction works for the coming season “What is left is to receive a study for the connection of wind farms to the existing electrical grid, building and energy permit in order to begin with the construction of the first wind turbines’’, said Mandžuka.

According to his estimate, the wind farm could be put into operation in October 2014. Investments are worth around 150 million KM. Participants in the public debate positively evaluated the Impact Study and highlighted the importance of this project for the municipality of Nevesinje and spoke to investors about the potential in the area of wind energy in Morin, Crvnja and Velež.

(Source: E-kapija)

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