Workshops on Branding and Certification of Cheese in Kupres and Nevesinja

A workshop on branding and certification of products of animal origin will be held in Kupres and Nevesinja on 8 and 9 March, under the framework of the implementation of the project “Development of BiH Branded Products of Animal Origin and Certification Scheme for Special Quality Marks”. The project is financed by USAID/Sida FARMA project.

The BiH certificate body “Organska Kontrola” is organizing the workshops in cooperation with the producers and processors of indigenous sheep cheese and meat “Pramenka” and the Association of Producers “Herzegovinian Sack Cheese”.

The goal of this project is to preserve the production of our indigenous and traditional cheese, such as Livanjski, Vlašić and Herzegovinian sack cheese under the appropriate standards and organic certification, and to familiarize producers with the procedures of the registration of originality, geographical origin and traditional specialty food in BiH.

Around 80 producers of cheese throughout BiH participated in the workshops.

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