World Champion in ‘Free Running’ Viisted B&H Capital

jasonpaulJason Paul, one of the best world ‘free runners’, visited Sarajevo recently and took a tour of the city with his friends and host Benjamin Baković in an unusual way-by running on top of roofs!

One of the most amazing things in Sarajevo is that it is diverse. All cultures are mixed and close to one another. You can go to church, and further down the street is a synagogue and mosque, right across the street from the church. It is really crazy, because I have not seen something like that anywhere else in the world’’, said the 22 year old who was born in Frankfurt and a world champion in this extreme sport and the only one who has won the prestigous competition ‘Red Bull Art of Motion’ three times.

‘’When you reach the top, the view is beaitufil. In one jump you land on a building that is a completely different style, completely different architecture’’, said Jason, who held a workshop with the local ‘free runners’ and shared with them a part of his rich experience and knowledge.

Source: (Avaz; photo source: Facebook)

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