Seventh Day of B&H Population Census is Going Along as Planned & Media Reports are Being Analyzed

popis-stanovnistva_bih-2013_2The B&H Agency for Statistics submitted today to the entity agencies for statistics to analyze all allegations in the media, which have reported on irregularities during the population census in B&H, in relation to the law and with the municipal census commissions.

It is recommended that if the allegations prove to be true, then such enumerators should be excluded from the population census, said Mirsada Adembegović, advisor for press relations.

On the occassion of the news that 20 to 30 members in a family were numbered in a household for the census, she said that the Central Census Bureau brought a conclusion that the ‘’entity conclusion draw up a conclusion on such events and to see in which municipalities this took place and how much filing was done with 20 to 30 members’’. After this report, the Central Census Commission will review the information and reach an adequate opinion, conclusions and proposals.

The B&H population census in its seventh day is going according to plan and without any major problems on the field were so far, it is said that the ‘’B&H Agency for Statistics did not receive formal complaints’’.

Sporadic issues are resolved ‘on the go’ at the local level, or the relevant municipal census commissions, said Adembegović.

Commenting on whether the specific irregularities could lead to questioning the validity of the population census, she said that ‘’so far the B&H Agency for Statistics did not record any major irregularities that violate the law and methodology’’.

‘’Only some minor rules are being violated, which is resolved immediately at the level of the municipal census commissions and at the entity level. Therefore, there were no such serious offences that would endandger the validity of the census’’, said Adembegović.

Given the fact that the B&H Agency for Statistics is responsible for carrying out the census in Brčko District, it is stated on the web portal otisak.ba that one of the instructors offered enumerators money to ethnically affiliate themselves.

‘’We learned from an editor of that portal that it was disinformation’’, added Adembegović.

In the next few days it will become known whether there will be a delay in the census.

(Source: Fena)


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