Zvizdic: Aleksandar Vucic will be greeted with all honors in Sarajevo

zvizdic2The joint sitting of the Council of Ministers of B&H and the Government of Serbia is very important and will have great influence on development of further relationship, said Denis Zvizdic, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H before the sitting of these two governments which will be held on Wednesday, the 4th of November.

“It is important in the institutional, and definitely in the symbolic sense. When it comes to the institutional segment, we are talking about two countries that are neighbors, belong to the same region, that are located in the lobby of the European Union and that are strongly committed to European integration. Finally, the two countries are historically and economically related. We are one of the most important foreign trade partners to each other,” said Zvizdic.

He announced that a number of questions will be discussed at the joint sitting, however, for him, the sitting is primarily important because of good messages that will be sent to the region, a good message that will be sent to the EU, and that is that the governments of the countries of Western Balkan are willing and able to sit together, they are ready for the internal arrangements and that these agreements are based on mutual compromises.

When asked what message the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H sends to his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic before his arrival in Sarajevo, Minister Zvizdic said:

“Prime Minister Vucic is our next door neighbor, he is a man who talked the very positive and constructive way in all his recent statements about the cooperation of B&H and the Republic of Serbia, especially about the cooperation between Bosniaks and Serbs in this region. During this period since I am the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H, Prime Minister Vucic, in principle, did not derogate in any way and in any of his statement the territorial integrity and legal and international personality of B&H. Vucic is coming here as the Prime Minister of our first neighbors and will be welcomed with all the honors that such an important political function that he performs deserve, as well as his complete Office, thus all the other ministers in the Government of Serbia,” said Zvizdić.

(Source: klix.ba)

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