Zvizdić announced a special Session of Task Force for Fight against Extremism

Zvizdić about Attack in Paris radiosarajevo.baChairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H Denis Zvizdić condemned the terrorist attack which occurred in Paris last night and announced a special session of the Task Force of the coordination body for the fight against extremism and all types of terrorism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zvizdić highlighted that this attack is not only an attack on France, but to the mankind as a whole.

“On behalf of the Council of Ministers of B&H, I appeal to the international institutions to continue with joint action and coordination on order to ensure security of all citizens of the world. We express hope that the terrorists who planned this attack will be brought to justice as soon as possible”, Zvizdić stated.

Moreover, Zvizdić added that the Council of Ministers contacted the Embassy of B&H in Paris, and that there is still no information whether the citizens of B&H were also victims of last night’s attack.

(Source: klix.ba)

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