What will be built on the Location of the City Mall?

city mall banja lukaWhat will be built on the location on which the “City Mall” project was originally planned to be built in Banja Luka, was discussed at the meeting attended by the mayor of Banja Luka and the mayor of Banja Vrucića Teslic. Apparently, there will be a city square or park.

“We made a proposal from the story of the monument to the fallen soldiers, and with the agreement of Radojicic, and the department responsible and the entire city administration, it was concluded that this space should be a park or a square”, explained Slobodan Stanarevic, deputy Head of the Department for Spatial Planning.

He added that it was not yet agreed whether they will build a park or a square.

“The mayor would like to build a park, and I would go for the square, and we agreed that our future park or square must be enclosed with facilities that would pay for landscaping and rent that will help us build this new square,”  emphasized Stanarevic.

He added that the park or square will be located between the Temple of the Savior of to the “Autoputevi” building and will talk about three stories. “The first story is a monument to the bishop Tisa Milosavljevic, the second is a fountain that would be in the middle representing the Vrbas River, and at the end of the square or park there would be a monument to fallen soldiers,” Stanarevic explained.

Moreover, he added that underground garages will be in the place where they are planned, ie below the area of the planned “City Mall” and it was originally planned on two or three floors, while the remaining facilities will be of a business character, such as banks and hotels.

(Source: akta)


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