1,300 Members of AFBiH participated in Peacekeeping Missions all around the World

The Armed Forces of BiH have been participating in the peace support missions of the UN and the EU for 16 years. They have been successfully engaged in peace keeping missions since its establishment in 2001 and they were all around the world, from Ethiopia and Eritrea, Iraq to Afghanistan, Congo and Mali. This year, they got engaged in the Central African Republic as well.

More than 1,300 members of the AF BiH participated in the aforementioned missions. Currently, there are 66 members in these peace supporting missions.

“A total of 57 members of the AF BiH are currently in the peace support operation in Afghanistan. The aforementioned mission was extended by two members of the AF BiH in this year. There are seven members of AF BiH in the UN Peace Mission in Congo and Mali, out of which five are in Congo and two in Mali. Moreover, there are two members of the AF BiH in the EU Mission in Central African Republic. The participation in this mission started in mid 2017,” as announced by the Ministry of Defense of BiH.

Besides the new way of work, the members of AF BiH also learn about new cultures and different traditions during their stay in peacekeeping missions. Although adaptation to different climate and new environment can create difficulties in their work from time to time, the Ministry of Defense noted that members of AF BiH have always successfully performed all their tasks, without a single extraordinary event.

“All members returned to their units and families safe and sound. This gives the right to all citizens of BiH to be proud of the results of these peacekeeping missions,” as announced from the Armed Forces of BiH.

For a large number of their members, the participation in the peace keeping mission represents the greatest success in their military career because they represent their homeland in these peace keeping missions.

(Source: A. Z./Klix.ba)



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