Top Five Business News for this Week

New Factory opened in Jajce

The manufacturing facility Tex-Design is opened in the city of Jajce, a newly established company engaged in the sewing of working equipment. Currently, there are 12 workers employed, with the tendency to increase the number.

The founder of the company and the initiator of production is Samir Pacavar, a textile engineer, who said that the company will produce jackets, suits for all forms of production, and especially a medical program.

Employees of the Tex-Design Company’s have undergone several training stages and are already preparing their first deliveries, and employer’s desire is to increase the number of employees to 35.

New Factory producing LED lighting opened

In the industrial zone “Famos-Koran”, a mini-factory for the production of LED lighting was opened in Pale. Thirty workers will be employed in the factory, and owner of the “Vajs Light” company from Belgrade Ivan Vajs said that the company will hire more people in the coming year.

Company from Zivinice made a contract in Germany

The “Kavgico” furniture factory from Zivinice, together with the company “Avdic group” from Tuzla, made a contract agreeing on export of its products on the German market. The contract anticipates 6 million BAM worth export. After the collapse of the “Konjuh” from Zivinice, a former giant of the furniture industry, the restoration of production started in several specialized factories, among which “Kavgico”.

RS Government grants China’s Shandong International 33 Years Concession on Highway

The government of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Republika Srpska decided to grant to China’s Shandong International Economic and Technical Cooperation Corp a 33-year concession to collect tolls on the Banja Luka-Prijedor motorway it is also building.

Shangdong applied at the end of last year for its first road construction project in the Balkans.

According to the agreement, the Chinese company will be allowed to collect tolls on the 42 km long motorway for 33 years, but this period includes also the time when the road is under construction.

In return, Shangdog will pay the government a one-off concession fee equal to 1.5% of the total investment, or €4.47mn, and 5% of the annual revenue from tolls.

Granoff in Regional Expansion

BH fashion company Granoff is expanding on the markets of Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. They are planning the further expansion in the region through the opening of retail outlets. The firm entered the markets of Malaysia and the USA earlier. Granoff specializes in men’s fashion and has been manufacturing suits, shirts and ties. In order to make a step forward, adapt to the market and revive the collections which are intended for all ages, we launched a modern and sports elegant collection which are made from the finest quality of Italian fabrics. Granoff’s attention is devoted to every detail regarding the process of workmanship trousers, coats, jackets and blazers.


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