Orthodox Christian Deacon holds Liturgy in Arabic Language

Deacon Branislav Rajkovic returned to his hometown of Mostar because he missed the town so much. As a boy, he left Herzegovina after his parents were killed in 1992 in a village near Mostar. During his education in Belgrade, he developed a special love for Arabic language and culture.

As an Orthodox priest, he was introduced to Islamic culture, Radio Slobodna Evropa reports.

He also says that he perceives himself first and foremost as a man and then as an Orthodox Christian.

“It is only after this biological determinant that I see myself as a person from Mostar, and as a Herzegovinian, and as a Serb. All of this is really important, but not crucial,” he added.

He holds the liturgy in Arabic, listen to what it sounds like and watch this wonderful story.


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