Central Election Commission certified 2,258 Candidate Lists

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina certified 2,258 candidate lists with a total of 21,513 candidates who met the legally prescribed conditions, while 463 candidate lists were determined to have shortcomings.

The CEC of BiH announced that at today’s session, considering the report on the performed checks of candidate lists and candidates of political parties and coalitions for participation in the Local Elections 2020, it started the process of verifying candidate lists and candidates who meet the legally prescribed conditions.

According to the statement, 2,721 candidate lists with 30,988 candidates were submitted to the CEC of BiH.

“Political entities, whose candidate lists have been determined to have shortcomings, will be notified to eliminate the shortcomings within five days of which they will be notified. Remediation of shortcomings must be registered in the Central Election Commission of BiH, and if by mail received outside the deadline will be considered untimely, so the Central Election Commission of BiH recommends personal submission of documentation to eliminate deficiencies at the headquarters of the CEC of BiH by September 2 this year by 4 pm,” the CEC of BiH said in a statement.

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