Sale of Mobile Phones in Bosnia and Herzegovina decreased by almost 20 million BAM

Although mobile phones are devices that go obsolete, because new, more technologically advanced and cheaper models are coming out every day, the corona virus pandemic has brought down this market and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are finding it increasingly difficult to decide on this additional cost.

That this is the case is also shown by the data on the import and export of mobile phones that “Capital” received from the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) of BiH, Ekapija reports.

The import of mobile phones in BiH has been constantly growing over the years, but in recent months there has been a drastic decline. Every month this year, on average, about 11 million BAM worth of mobile devices were imported, while last year, mobile phones worth 13.9 million BAM were imported per month.

So, this year, 2.8 million BAM less mobile phones were imported every month. The fall in imports also affected the duties that BiH “collects” on those goods.

Every month, 1.7 million BAM less VAT is poured into the state coffers on mobile phones compared to the previous year.

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