Collection of VAT less for 600 Million BAM in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The director of the Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Miro Dzakula, stated that the collection of VAT for the past eight months, compared to last year, is lower by about 600 million BAM. Dzakula stated that the reason for that was the coronavirus, which caused a decrease in economic activity in BiH and led to the closure of many companies.

He added that BiH is also recording a decline in imports and exports. Dzakula told Dnevni Avaz that the International Monetary Fund will not agree to changes in the current way of distributing the collected funds from VAT.

He rejected the possibility of adopting a new way of distributing VAT, which is advocated by the Federation of BiH.

”What they are looking for is impossible. This is what a group of people is looking for, who know very little about economic trends, economy and distribution and politicize it,” said Dzakula, Srna news agency reports.

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