PM Forto: Our Goal is for Canton Sarajevo to be a Driver of Change for the whole BiH

The Prime Minister of the Canton Sarajevo (CS), Edin Forto, stated yesterday that the transparency of policies, administrative order, respect for laws, regulations, and procedures is the foundation on which the Government of CS is based.

“After us, the citizens of Sarajevo will not be ashamed of their public transport or pay the same from Bascarsija to Marijin Dvor, as when they drive from the first station to Ilidza. We achieved results in this year. We made a balance. We were good hosts, found space for savings. Opened new sections of direct material, financial, and other assistance to citizens and companies,” explained Forto at the New Year‘s press conference of the Government of CS.

Forto emphasized that they set aside a record 4.9 million BAM for science, research projects, and to reward excellent ones. He also referred to EXPO 2020, which he said was a necessary boost, a wind in the sails for the way forward.

“Our goal is for CS to be a driver of change in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). We have an important year ahead of us, we are very ambitious. Youth and digital technologies are the focus of our plans, nothing less than the best will satisfy us,” Forto said.

He pointed out that the Office for the Fight against Corruption of the CS submitted 50 criminal charges to the Prosecutor’s Office of the CS, only in connection with the situation in the company GRAS.

Speaking about what they have done in the past year, he said that the Ministry of Communal Economy, Infrastructure, Spatial Planning, Construction, and Environmental Protection hasprovided six million BAM to subsidize part of the price of natural gas.

“Citizens of CS will not have their gas bills increased for the months of November and December 2021, although the Government of the Federation of BiH has approved a 23.5 percent increase in the purchase price,” Forto mentioned.

He also added that 3.866 young applicants will receive 10.000 BAM in subsidies for solving the housing issue and that they have provided an additional three million BAM for incentive housing.

“We have set aside around 4.38 million BAM for sports events, international and domestic, top, competition-development, youth, school, and sports for all, co-financing of winter sports, awards for medal winners and recognitions at international competitions,” Forto said. He added that they give about 1.75 million BAM for capital, infrastructure projects in the field of culture and sports.

The Government of CS has allocated about 155 million BAM for the economy and 6.1 million BAM for incentives for agricultural production, while 4.2 million BAM has been invested in the infrastructure of business and industrial zones in CS with the aim of improving the business environment.

When it comes to EXPO 2020 Dubai, the CS has financially and organizationally ranked the state of BiH among 192 countries from around the world participating in the World Exhibition of Ideas and Entrepreneurship,” Forto told.

In the end, he stressed that the procurement of helicopters is being prepared, the benefits of which will be multiple in emergency situations: floods, fires, earthquakes, rescuing the injured from hard-to-reach areas, performing police tasks.



Source: BHRT

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