19th Anniversary of Death of US Diplomats and French Soldier Marked on Mount Igman

NA IGMANU OBILJEŽENA 19. GODIŠNJICA STRADANJA AMERIÈKIH DIPLOMATA I FRANCUSKOG VOJNIKA19th anniversary of death of the U.S. diplomats Joseph Kruzel, Robert Frasure, Samuel Nelson Drew and French soldier Stephan Reault, who were tragically killed on August 19 1995, was marked by laying flowers and paying respects on Mount Igman today.

Charge d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in BiH Nicholas Hill stated their lives were suddenly interrupted while they were working on establishing peace in BiH and that they would want BiH to be peaceful and prosperous country more than anyone else.

”Let’s not forget their sacrifice, working for a better and brighter future of citizens of this country”, said Hill.

Ambassador of France to BiH Rolland Gilles said that these three U.S. diplomats and a French soldier, who was driving the vehicle, sacrificed their lives in their mission to end war in BiH and he added that we should all emphasize our commitment to ideas of peace.

”Their engagement will never be forgotten and our friends in BiH will make sure of it”, said Ambassador Gilles.

Minister of Defense of BiH Zekerijah Osmić emphasized that peoples of BiH and citizens of Sarajevo will forever appreciate the courage and nobility of these U.S. diplomats and French soldier, and that thanks to people like them BiH is moving towards Euro-Atlantic integration today.

”By cherishing values they gave their lives for we take an obligation to build a state which will be based on international respect and appreciation, democracy and openness towards others and different”, said Osmić.

Joseph Kruzel, Robert Frasure and Samuel Nelson Drew, the U.S. diplomats from cabinet of Richard Holbrook, special envoy of the U.S. president Bill Clinton at the time and Stephan Reault, a French soldier, tragically lost their lives on Igman road on August 19 1995 while returning to Sarajevo after completed peacekeeping mission.


(Source: Fena)

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