27th Anniversary since 70 Bosniaks were set on Fire in Visegrad

The Society for Social Research and Communication (UDIK) reminds the public that war crimes in Bikavac in Visegrad have occurred on this day 27 years ago.

“A crime known as “Live Pyre” occurred on June 27, 1992, when members of the paramilitary formation, The Avengers, led by the cruellest offenders from Visegrad Milan and Sredoje Lukic, caused 70 Bosniak civilians in the house of Meho Aljic in Bikavac settlement in Visegrad, mostly women, children and the elderly where they locked them, then set the house on fire.”

That crime, together with the crime that took place on 14 June 1992 in Pionirska Street in Visegrad, is one of the most horrendous war crimes during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

President of the organization Bakira Hasecic stated that more than 70 civilians were incinerated here on June 27, 1992, and that only one person survived.

Milan Lukic was sentenced to life before The Hague Tribunal for this crime, while Sredoje Lukic got 27 years in prison.


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