78-Years Old Man traditionally swims in Bosna River on Minus Five Degrees Celsius (video)

Seventy eight-years-old Hamid Begovac, after a two-year break, swam again on the New Year in Bosna River.

Traditionally, for the first day of spring and on the first day of the New Year, Begovac is swimming in Bosna River.

“Honestly, I was waiting for snow and minuses, so I did not bathe on January 1st, so I decided to do it today and this is my New Year’s bath,” says Begovac, who swam today at minus five degrees Celsius. He announces that if his health serves him, he can swim up to 80 years of age when he plans to let this tradition go to younger fellow citizens.

For the last 14 years, Begovac has devoted this swimming to deceased fellow-swimmers as well as to his wife.

(Source: avaz)


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