800 new Workplaces to be open in Lukavac?

The topic of the meeting of the Prime Minister of Tuzla Canton Bego Gutic with the director of the company Boxmark Mato Bastic were plans for the business development of the company Boxmark, which include the construction of new production facilities, and therefore the opening of new workplaces in the real sector.

According to director Bastic, the renowned company for the production of textile and leather parts for the auto industry Boxmark is planning to expand its production facilities in Lukavac. This includes the construction of a new production hall on about 10,000 square meters, which represents the first phase of a total investment project that should result in the opening of around 800 new workplaces in this company.

During the meeting, they discussed procedures for issuing all required permits and approvals, and all of that in order to start with concrete works in the near future.

“Boxmark proved to be one of the most serious business investors in Canton Tuzla, and therefore the Government will do everything to complete all the necessary procedures for issuing required permits in the shortest amount of time. Our goal, in this case, is around 800 new workplaces, and all the capacities of the Government and resource ministries will be working on realization of this investment,” said Prime Minister Gutic, adding that the Government will help Boxmark in communication with other business partners as well, namely BH Telecom and Elektroprivreda BiH, in order to fulfill all the necessary preconditions for the realization of this project.

Director Bastic thanked the Prime Minister for his understanding and the support that was provided by the Government to business investors in Canton Tuzla.

Besides Prime Minister Gutic and Director Bastic, the meeting was also attended by the Minister of Physical Planning and Environmental Protection Hasan Fehratovic and Assistant Minister for Physical Planning and Construction Fahrudin Delic.



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